Specialist Photographer in Welwyn Garden City

Indigoplum is lead by Simon Lane, a long standing member of the British Institute of Professional Photography who has been working in and around Welwyn Garden City since 1982. His team at Indigoplum specialise in corporate, event and business photography and can provide you with all of the photography and video services your business may need.

Specialising in photography and video for business and commerce, Indigoplum can help advise on your imaging requirements and, working with you, can produce the images you need.

Our photographers are fully trained and all have many years experience dealing with clients in the Hertfordshire area. They understand what sells and can identify the shots which will portray your company’s services or product’s and their benefits at a glance.

During an initial meeting, we will extract the information we require to build a picture of your company and the message that you need to get across. Great commercial photography can make all the difference – a professional photographer should know the shots that meet your customers’ emotional needs.

Using the latest photographic technology, our location equipment enables us to work totally wirelessly, This means no cables to run, saving time and creating a safer working environment whilst working in areas populated by staff or the public. Where time allows and the need arises, we can also shoot wirelessly straight to our computer, whether in the studio or on location, in order to analyse images on a much larger screen.

Our use of specialist technology is particularly useful on architectural shoots. Capturing buildings may seem straightforward, but the skill is in a portrayal which is both accurate and emphasises the best qualities. If the impact of your architecture is important to you, then it’s equally important to do it justice in two dimensions. A professional photographer will use their specialist knowledge and expertise to create exquisite images that complement and reflect the original intentions of the designer.

Our team of experts are also skilled in areas of product photography which can make all the difference on your businesses website where credibility is so important. In some instances we can undertake this service at your premises or in the studio. All images are shot in high resolution and can be used for websites, catalogues, annual reports or large exhibition displays.

Indigoplum can provide the right specialist photographer for your business in Welwyn Garden City, whether you require an events, corporate or architectural photographer.

Take a look at our portfolio for examples of our work. Alternatively, you can contact a member of the team for more information on 0333 900 2792.